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7 Top Ecommerce Strategy To Boost Sales Upto 7x

Conversion is still the most basic policy in an ecommerce business. Each online firm tries to develop a unique ecommerce strategy that is superior to that of its competitors.

93.5 % of internet users have completed an online transaction, according to OptinMonster. The figure indicates how profitable it may be to run an online store. It might, however, be a measure of how fierce the competition in the eCommerce business is.

As a result, you must implement a smart eCommerce strategy to outperform your competitors, retain clients, and grow income. We've compiled a list of practical eCommerce strategies to assist you in getting started.

To be successful in the eCommerce industry, you must prepare ahead of time and use the right strategies.


Top 7 eCommerce Strategy To Boost Sales Upto 7x

1. Advanced product filtering is included

Allow your consumers to execute an advanced product search for a quick and easy purchasing experience. Your site visitors will be able to locate what they're searching for in a matter of seconds and with only a few clicks.

eCommerce platforms like Shopify allow you to add up to 250 tags to your items for filtering, making it easier for you and your consumers to discover them. Adding additional filter options allows you to highlight product variations depending on colour, style, size, and more without forcing your customers to actively search your website. This enhances the user experience, which promotes purchases.


2. New goods should be highlighted.

If you're new to running a digital business, keep in mind that fresh items appeal to customers in a way that can help you attract them. Take advantage of this by showcasing your most recent or seasonal products on appropriate web pages., for example, uses its site to advertise new arrivals. Because their ardent fans are updated about new items, it creates excitement and encourages people to purchase. Here are a few more ideas to assist you to draw buyers' attention to your highlighted products:

Incorporate a sense of urgency into your offers: Customers are motivated to buy right away if you emphasize that your items are only accessible for a short period. Include the following products on your best-selling list: Encourage them to check out your other deals by promoting your popular products besides your featured items.


3. Increase the number of payment alternatives

You can appeal to a wide range of clients by offering many payment alternatives. Customers will find it simpler to buy from you if you provide a variety of payment alternatives. Providing a variety of payment choices can also help you avoid cart abandonment and enhance conversions. You may pick from 65 payment gateway integrations for online payments, as well as mobile and digital wallets like PayPal and Apple Pay, on eCommerce CMS platforms like BigCommerce. Setting up your payment connections on the platform is simple. After you've decided on a payment method, enable the payment gateway and login with your credentials to activate it.

Consider the following things before introducing payment alternatives to your store:

  • Customer convenience: Younger audiences prefer to pay using digital wallets like PayPal, whilst older audiences prefer to pay with credit/debit cards. When deciding which payment alternatives to include in your eCommerce business, keep your consumers' preferences in mind.
  • Put an emphasis on security: Examine the payment gateways' security controls and see if they conform with legislation. Providing safe transactions demonstrates to your consumers that you value their business.

4. Offer Discounts

Offering discounts can encourage your website visitors to purchase your items, which can help you win new clients. Discounts are not only appealing, but they also help your customers feel good about purchasing. Mention your discounts in strategic places on your website to get better results. If you're using other forms of marketing methods, pay special attention to when you'll provide discounts and where they'll appear in your marketing funnel.

Your conversion rate will rise if you choose the correct place, approach, timing, and discount offer. Custom coupons for specific goods and categories, as well as bulk purchase orders, are possible with Wix eCommerce. You may make special deals to your first-time purchasers by offering a 40% discount when they sign up for your newsletters using the platform's capabilities.


5. Make use of social proof

Customers who have left positive feedback on your website are more likely to trust you. The reviews might be about their favourable experiences with your support personnel, product quality, product delivery speed, or any pleasant experience. They function as social verification of your small business's transaction-worthiness.

It's a stamp of approval from customers who have engaged with your company, and it informs other buyers about the dependability and quality of your products and services, making them more likely to purchase. Social evidence contributes to the development of trust between you and your prospects. People are more inclined to buy from you if they trust you.


6. Offer a low-cost or free shipping option

According to VWO, shipping expenses account for 42.39 % of buyers abandoning their virtual shopping carts. That's how serious a danger shipping costs may be for eCommerce entrepreneurs. If you don't keep track of how much you charge for shipping, you might be losing thousands of dollars in sales without even realising it. Integrate free or discounted delivery costs into your pricing strategy to combat this threat.

Here are some pointers to get you started:

  • Run a limited-time offer of free delivery to see how it affects your sales and earnings.
  • Offer free shipping solely to people who create an account on your website.
  • To entice customers to spend more, provide free delivery if their order surpasses a certain amount.

7. Establish Loyalty Programmes

It's just as crucial to keep your current clients as it is to get new ones. Offer unique coupons, vouchers, and rewards programmes, among other things, to build consumer loyalty. Because these activities are exclusive, they will make your existing consumers feel important and cherished.

Consider the following aspects when creating a successful loyalty programme:

  • Customer reward criteria: The majority of awards are offered in exchange for purchases. You may, however, provide incentives to consumers who submit product evaluations, introduce friends, and so forth.
  • Reward Redemption process: Set up a system that allows clients to redeem their rewards fast and conveniently, either manually or through automatic triggers. Customers may be hesitant to join your rewards programmes if the procedure is long and complicated.


You'll need to create an efficient eCommerce marketing plan if you want your eCommerce shop to be successful. You shouldn't expect to make money just because you have an internet business. You'll be on your way to having a profitable and authoritative online business that draws clients if you follow these 7 eCommerce guidelines.

Do you need assistance with creating or establishing an eCommerce marketing strategy? We're here to assist you! To get started, give us a call today.

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