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Ecommerce Sales Funnel Case Study for Fashion Brand

Ecommerce sales funnel creation & managing is one of the toughest segments as almost all of the theories are different compared to practical working.

While focusing on the ecommerce sales funnel we have chosen FabAlley to explain their sales funnel through Facebook Ads.

FabAlley Facebook Ad

Let us look at one of their ad

ecommerce sales funnel faballey facebook ad

Pros about this Ad:

  • Short but selective content
  • The quality of the images are good

Cons about this Ad:

  • Content used for product description is very little.
  • This is a carousel ad with the same content in the ad description, one image, and Ad Title. Instead, they can be more creative and put some more offer-related content explaining the product/offer.
  • Copywriting has to focus more on content as they are offering discounts without scarcity.

Landing Page Details

Let's discuss their landing page design & functionality.

When we click on the “Shop Now” button, it lands on the product details page of the product shown in the Ad. They are marking it as their landing page.

ecommerce sales funnel facebook ad landing page ecommerce sales funnel Facebook ad landing page

Pros about the landing Page:

  • Specific to the product.
  • Broad images are already given so that it saves visitors time in zooming.
  • Related product suggestion so that the customer in case change the mind.
  • Offer section visible on the same page which provokes an extra buying approach.
  • The reason why any visitor might purchase from them is mentioned clearly. It also builds authority.

ecommerce sales funnel authority building in facebook ad landing page Ecommerce sales funnel authority building in Facebook ad landing page

Cons about the landing Page:

  • The Product Description is not clear. It plays a vital role in making a purchase as well as avoiding returns.
  • Copywriting team fails to complement the product and its buyer which falls under the # 5 Persuasion principle “Liking”. This will effect their sale.
  • Offers / Discount doesn’t have a deadline. This lacks Persuasion principle # 6 – Scarcity.

About Lead Magnet

A lead magnet is a marketing phrase for a complimentary product or benefit offered in exchange for personal details; examples include trial subscriptions, samples, white papers, e-newsletters, and free consultations. Lead magnets are used by marketers to maximize business leads.

Let us discuss briefly FabAlley's lead magnet to understand the ecommerce sales funnel in a better way.

ecommerce sales funnel lead magnet ecommerce sales funnel lead magnet

Pros about the Lead Magnet:

  • Simple yet attractive pop-up.
  • This Lead Magnet does not only give you discount coupons but also registers you as a user. They use SMS OTP to verify the phone number.
  • Minimum information is taken to register.

Cons about the Lead Magnet:

  • This Lead Magnet is a one-time option. If you didn’t respond this page won’t pop up again.
  • Lead Magnet should have a bit more information on what other benefits / offers they can avail of if they submit their details.
  • If you fill-up the details and register yourself it will take you to your account rather than staying on the same page. This might confuse the visitor.

How Ecommerce brand pitch for Sales

It's one of the most important parts of an ecommerce business that how you utilize the sales pitch to your customer once they abandon the cart with completing the checkout procedure. As per this Case Study, we will discuss about the “FabAlley” Sales pitch and how they follow up if you leave their cart without checkout.

I received this email once I have created my account just after giving my basic information like full name & email id. I have put a product into the cart to check how they are responding. I received this email within 10-12 hours of leaving their site which is given below:

ecommerce sales pitch

Things which I like in Sales Pitch:

  • Simple yet attractive email layout.
  • Hyperlinks are available with will lead you to the checkout page for further process.
  • Discounted price mentioned which increases the chances of click.
  • CTA button clearly visible which indicated what the customer should do next.

Things which can be improved in Sales Pitch:

  • Lack of follow-up as this was the last email I have received from them to proceed with the cart.
  • There is no discounted price offer deadline. This step again lacks Persuasion principle #6 – Scarcity
  • They should mention that how long this product will be available in the cart as I have seen that after 10 days the customer cart gets cleaned.

Sales Focused Emails & Ads

Let's discuss the “FabAlley” Sales focused emails & ads with Scarcity. They have a sister company named “Indya” which offers Indian ethnic wear. They have started showing up emails related to Diwali. Here is an email which is been sent by them:

ecommerce sales focused emails

The above image demonstrates the fraction of a single email. There are 3 segments of an email.

Let’s get into details:

Ad Designing & Copywriting –

  • Their ad is clear that they are focusing on Diwali & Bhai Dooj related products.
  • Offers are also attractive which they have mentioned.
  • Each images are linked with a different product landing page.

Suggestion that they might need to improve:

  • Lack of information regarding the product.
  • If someone clicks on a specific section of the email, he/she will going to land on a bunch of related product categories. They hardly find that particular product on which that person has clicked.
  • Length of email is very long. I have removed some of the details mentioned in the footer of the email. This may reduce the interest of a customer.
  • From the starting till the ending of this email I haven’t found the end date of this offer. This clearly lacks the Scarcity principle.

If you have anything in your mind which you need to discuss, feel free to contact us or click the button to book a call so that we can discuss it further.

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